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Criminal-Related Issues To Seek Guidance From A Lawyer For

Criminal charges and convictions can turn your life around drastically. For example, a criminal charge can ruin your career and limit your child custody rights. That is why you should do everything possible to fight for your freedom before the charges wreak havoc on your life. 

A criminal defense lawyer will help you navigate this complex and emotional process. In addition, the legal practitioner will help you get a fair judgment if you're facing any of the following issues.

Drug-Related Charges

Cultivation, distribution, trafficking, or possession of any illicit drugs is a severe criminal offense. Law enforcers can also arrest you if found in possession of items used in any of these drug-related activities. Unlike some other criminal charges, drug offenses carry stiff penalties, including years of imprisonment. 

For that reason, you will need the guidance of a criminal defense attorney when faced with such a charge. They will first evaluate the circumstances surrounding the case. They will then guide you on measures to take, depending on the severity of the crime. For instance, they can negotiate a plea deal. This deal offers you freedom in exchange for helping the investigators arrest other notorious drug dealers.

Your legal advisor will also use their experience to poke holes in the evidence presented in court. For example, they may try to prove that the drugs or drug-related items presented by the prosecution are not yours. They may also argue that a drug dealer forced you to transport the drugs without your consent. Additionally, they can raise concerns about any missing evidence from the drugs presented in the courtroom. These strategies could help you to get a lenient judgment.

Theft Charges

The state can prefer theft charges against you when someone reports you for taking their property without their permission. The sentence for such a crime will depend on the criminal laws in your state. However, the judge presiding over your case might determine the penalty to offer you depending on the type of property you stole and its value.

In this case, a criminal defense lawyer proves that you have a right of ownership to the item in question. They may also convince the court that you were intoxicated, demonstrating that you had no intention of committing the crime. 

Hiring a legal practitioner who understands criminal defense laws as soon as the law enforcers arrest you is crucially important. They will evaluate the circumstances of your case to know how to formulate your defense. 

Reach out to a criminal lawyer in your area for more information.