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Got A Traffic Ticket? Here's What You Need To Know

Even though driving is often looked at as a regular part of life, it is actually a privilege you are granted by the state where you live — at least where driving legally on public roads are concerned. Because your right to drive is a privilege, it is something that can be taken away if you are not careful. One of the things that can land you with a suspended license is getting too many traffic tickets, which result in moving violation points against your driving record.

When you get a ticket, if you are like most people, you will pay the fine and move on. However, you may have some options to consider and there are some things you should know. 

You could fight the traffic ticket in court. 

When an officer gives you a traffic ticket, they are accusing you of a violation. Therefore, you have not necessarily been found guilty of that violation. This means that you can also go to court and try to prove why you are innocent of the charge that is written on the ticket. If there is a reason to believe you are not particularly guilty, the judge may work with you to either amend the ticket to a lesser charge or dismiss it altogether. 

Some traffic tickets are far worse than others. 

Moving violations can be different things. You may have gotten a ticket for speeding, reckless driving, or failure to stop at a stop sign. Some traffic tickets look worse on your driving record than others.

For example, if you do not fight a reckless driving ticket, this may mean you get more points against you than if you do not fight a basic failure to stop ticket. Before you decide to just go with the flow and pay your ticket fines, make sure you know how bad it is for you to admit your guilt by simply paying the fine and moving on. It can be a better idea to fight the ticket in court. 

Traffic tickets must be taken seriously. 

Knowing that a traffic ticket could cost you your license is bad enough, but these tickets can get far more serious if you choose to disregard them. In some states, not paying your fines and showing up for court will mean you could have a bench warrant issued for your arrest. In some states, not paying your tickets or contesting them in court could actually get your driving privileges suspended. 

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