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Myths Concerning Criminal DUI Charges

If a person makes the mistake of operating a vehicle after they have been drinking alcohol, they can face a range of serious consequences. Unfortunately, there are individuals that will allow misinformation about these charges to lead them to fail to take these situations with the seriousness that they require.

Myth: The Vehicle Must Be Moving To Be Charged With A DUI

A common belief about being charged with a DUI is that you can only face this type of criminal charge if you are caught in a vehicle that is moving. However, it is important to note that it is possible to face this type of charge if you have an intent to operate the car. For example, if a police officer observes you walk to your car in an intoxicated state and insert the key into the ignition, you may face this charge. The exact instances where a person can face this type of charge will vary from state to state, but the best option will be to avoid putting yourself in a position of being tempted to operate a motor vehicle after drinking.

Myth: You Can Not Be Punished If You Refuse Breath, Blood Or Field Testing

One of the first steps that a police officer will do when they suspect that you are operating a car under the influence is to administer a breathalyzer test, blood or field sobriety test. These are designed to measure your impairment. Unfortunately, some people will simply assume that refusing to submit for this type of testing will be the best option for avoiding serious consequences. However, this can be problematic in its own right as many states as rules that will harshly punish drivers that refuse these tests. These punishments may include fines or the revocation of the driver's license.

Myth: You Will Only Have To Attend Sobriety Classes If Convicted

Being convicted of a DUI can have a number of profound impacts on your life, but many people will simply assume that attending sobriety classes and paying fines will be the only punishments. Yet, it is possible for a person to also face jail, permanent loss of their driving privileges, lengthy probation periods and community service. These consequences can grow much worse for those that are convicted of this offense multiple times. Due to the extremely harsh penalties that can come with being convicted of this offense, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible to give yourself the best chances of resolving this charge in a pleasant manner.

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