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A Legitimate Case Of Domestic Sexual Assault Is Likely In These Scenarios

If you're a victim of domestic violence, it's possible that your spouse hasn't hit, pushed, or performed other similar violent acts. One type of domestic violence that may not always be considered is domestic sexual assault. People tend to view sexual assault as something that strangers do to others, but this is not always true. Even someone with whom you're in a relationship can sexually assault you, giving you a legitimate reason to call the police and then hire a domestic violence attorney to help you. Here are some examples of sexual assault with a domestic partner.

Non-Consensual Sex

One of the most common examples of sexual assault between two partners is non-consensual sex. Your partner might think that because you're married or in a relationship, he or she can have sexual intercourse with you whenever he or she wants — even if you say no. This simply isn't the case, and if you're clear that you're not interested in sexual contact and your spouse or partner proceeds anyway, this is an example of sexual assault, and you definitely have grounds to press charges.

Intercourse While You're Sleeping

If you're a woman in a relationship with a man, you might wake to the surprise of the man having intercourse with you. You may not have realized that he was initially touching you, but it's possible for a man to penetrate a sleeping female. This is another example of domestic sexual assault. The man may initially pretend that he was making these moves in his sleep, but this is unlikely — and something for the courts to discuss at a later date. For now, you've been sexually assaulted and have the right to pursue justice.

Sharing Intimate Photos

Some couples will take intimate photos with one another and enjoy the spark that this may add to their sex lives. It's a significant betrayal of trust when your partner or spouse shares these photos with others, perhaps in person by showing his or her phone to a friend or maybe uploading them to the internet. This is another form of sexual assault, and even if your partner didn't touch you, he or she certainly acted in an evasive manner by sharing the photos without you likely wanting this. If you believe that you've been a victim of domestic sexual assault, it's important for you to have the courage to come forward, rather than be ashamed.

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